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location: Malaysia | I capture what I see, I see what I like, I like where I go

the cameras;
Nigel - Canon EOS 500D; / Songqian - Fujifilm Instax Mini25; / Rocco - Holga 135BC; / Sakamoto - Canon T50; / Hitler - Zorki 4 Rangefinder
once again?

feel like soaring again;
to a land unknown, unexplored
(yet) by yours truly.

to yield my cameras,
and capture moments
that, in hope, will reenact memories
of when i am in a place
where no one knows who i am.

went into Cat in the Box moments ago,
with thoughts to be a cat
that’s shipped out to another continent.

im tired now.
i miss my cameras.

CNY 2014 @ Pavillion KL